How to use the tour

  • <p>Sidewalk artist participating in an Art Night Out experience in Belmont in 2019</p>

How to use the tour

Through this "Belmont Public Art" tour you will be guided to public art in Downtown Belmont NC, and be provided access to background narrative about the artwork, the artist, and any historical significance pertaining to the artwork or area it represents.

By hitting the "Next" button in the bottom right or swiping left, you can advance to each artwork in walk order.

Once on the artwork page, swiping left on the photo will reveal additional photos and/or videos.

Clicking the three horizontal lines on the left of the blue header bar, reveals a list view of the public art in walk order.

Clicking the folded map icon on the right of the blue header bar reveals each public artwork stop in a map view. (Numbers highlighted in white indicate that 2 or more stops exist under that icon. Click for the drop down detail or pinch and zoom the map to show them as separately numbered stops.)

After your stroll, consider enjoying a meal at one of our inviting restaurants or exploring our charming retail shops. We hope you enjoy this tour and your time in beautiful downtown Belmont NC.